A little something about me...

First of all, thanks for coming by my site. My name is Erik Magner Swanson and I am a graphic designer living in Brooklyn, NY. I've moved around a bit in my time; growing up in Chicago, I went to high school in Las Vegas, started college up in Reno where I discovered the field of graphic design, and moved up to Portland, OR to finish my degree in graphic design.

In the graphic design field, I've worked as a sole in-house designer, as part of a collaborative design team, and as a freelance designer. The seemingly endless possibilities and the excitement of new projects continue to inspire me and I've found the freedom of creative work paired with the ability to help people turn their ideas into reality personally rewarding.

Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea for a project, need help, or if you just want to drop by and say hello. Thanks!